About Us

Captain Lance

Lance Keener has been a fishing captain for over 30 years! His journey has taken him from the Santa Barbara Channel Islands, Northern Marianas Islands, Hawaiian Islands and the East Coast of America. Captain Lance has over three decades running sportfishing boats for some of the industry’s biggest operations and the founder and owner-operator of Kauai’s premier sportfishing company, Ohana Fishing Charters.

Having spent his entire life in and around the ocean, fishing is in Lance’s blood. Lance began his career in the fishing industry at age 14, scrubbing boats in Santa Barbara Harbor so captains would take him fishing. Those captains saw something special in the kid and his keen desire to be on the open ocean.

Before long, Lance was offered jobs working the decks of commercial and sportfishing boats. By the age of 19, Lance had his Master 100-Ton Captain License and began running some of the boats he grew up working on. It wasn’t long before Lance sought-out by a water sports company based on the island of Saipan in Micronesia. Years spent in Saipan exposed him to big game fishing and productive Micronesian fishing techniques. 

With this knowledge, he was jump-started as a world-class fishing captain at the ripe old age of 23.

Pursuing the Passion of Fishing

Job offers came in from all over the world, but Captain Lance chose Kauai as the place to settle down, and raise his family. After many years living in Hawaii he still wanted to pursue one of his elusive passions, which is guiding light tackle coastal fishing. This requires fishing finesse, which is much more hands-on with his clients, teaching techniques and putting them on fish.

Lance’s close relationship with local fishermen and top captains over the years has taught him traditional methods for each geographical area and has provided him with insight into some of the most innovative fishing techniques in the world, which he uses at his fishing spots in Florida, doing what he does best. That’s how Aloha Fishing Charters came to be.


Aloha means many things to Lance and his family, most importantly, Aloha is what resides in their hearts. You will feel it from the second we answer the phone to the moment you meet Captain Lance at the boat. A few meanings of Aloha are welcome, kindness, integrity, and having regard for others. Captain Lance always brings the “aloha” with him wherever he goes, especially when sharing his passion and knowledge of the sea.

Aloha Fishing Charters offers an exclusive experience you will never forget. Captain Lance’s skill, wisdom and experience fishing come from a diverse background that has taken him to the far ends of the Pacific and to the Atlantic ocean. His genuine excitement for the sport combined with a take-it-as-it-comes attitude are some of the things that make a trip with Aloha Fishing Charters a memorable experience.

Whether you are a seasoned fisherman, a first-timer looking for a new adventure, or you’re interested in taking the family out for a day of fish, fun, and beautiful sights, you’ve found the right Captain and charter outfit with Aloha Fishing Charters.