Fishing In St. Augustine Florida

Fishing in St. Augustine, Florida is a great way to spend the day. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, there’s something for everyone here. There are plenty of places where you can cast your line and try to catch some of the abundant fish that inhabit this area. You’ll find everything from inshore fishing spots like Matanzas Bay to offshore hot spots like the Gulf Stream. These waters provide ample opportunity for recreational and commercial fisherman alike, so no matter what level of experience you have with fishing, there will be something here to suit your needs!

Inshore Fishing Spots

St. Augustine is a great place for inshore fishing. It features many spots where anglers can cast their lines and see what bites. One popular spot is the Matanzas River, which runs from south of St. Augustine up to northern Florida. Here fishermen will find plenty of redfish, trout, and flounder lurking in the depths. The Vilano Beach Pier also offers some excellent opportunities for catching inshore fish like Spanish mackerel, tarpon, jack crevalle, and more! For those who want an even closer look at what’s swimming beneath them, kayak fishing provides an exciting experience with no need for a boat or motor. Kayakers can get right on top of the action and use light tackle if they so choose while casting around shallow flats and mangrove shorelines near St. Augustine Inlet. With just a few well-placed casts you could come across snook, sheepshead, bluefish, pompano – the possibilities are endless! Surfcasting is another way to go when looking for inshore species along St. Augustine’s beaches and jetties. This method allows anglers to cover large areas quickly by throwing out lures or bait into deeper waters off the beach or jetty walls that attract schools of hungry game fish looking for something easy to eat. There are also several artificial reefs located offshore here as well; these provide good habitat for snapper, grouper, cobia and other bottom dwelling species during certain times of year. No matter your preference or skill level when it comes to inshore fishing in St. Augustine there’s sure to be something for everyone – whether it’s taking your chances along one of its famous pier structures or paddling through shallow backwaters searching for that hidden gem lurking below the surface!

Offshore Hot Spots

St. Augustine, Florida is a great place for fishing! Whether you’re an experienced angler or just getting into the sport, St. Augustine has something to offer everyone. Offshore hot spots are plentiful and one of the best ways to maximize your chances of catching some big ones. Heading out from St. Augustine Inlet, there’s plenty of options when it comes to finding a good spot for fishing offshore. The Atlantic side of St. Johns County offers several reefs that can provide ample opportunity for trolling or bottom-fishing depending on the species you’re targeting. It’s also possible to find schools of pelagic fish like Mahi Mahi or Wahoo if you’re willing to search around a bit further away from shore. The coastal waters off Jacksonville are another popular area for offshore fishing in this region. Heading north up A1A will bring you close enough to reach some prime spots quickly and easily by boat. This stretch often produces some nice catches of Snapper, Grouper, King Mackerel and more – especially during summer months when water temperatures rise above comfortable levels inshore – so make sure to bring along your tackle box with plenty of bait varieties! For those looking for even bigger game, heading east towards Daytona Beach can be rewarding as well; Sailfish, Tuna and Marlin all inhabit these deeper waters at certain times throughout the year making them ideal locations for overnight trips and tournaments alike. With such variety available here in St Augustine no matter what type of fisherman you might be it’s easy to see why so many people flock here each year eager to try their luck at reeling in a trophy catch!

Species Of Fish To Catch

Offshore fishing in St. Augustine is a great way to catch some truly amazing fish. From the popular redfish and sea trout, to tasty mahi-mahi, there are plenty of species for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the most common catches that you can find in these waters. The first type of fish you’re likely to come across is redfish. These creatures have an impressive strength, and they make for excellent sportfishing – if you manage to reel one in! Redfish typically live around reefs or channels close to shore, so it shouldn’t be too hard to spot them when you’re out on your boat. Mahi-mahi (also known as dorado) are another popular target species when offshore fishing in St. Augustine. They usually hang out near weed lines or floating debris, where they feed on small baitfish and other aquatic organisms. Mahi-mahi are fast swimmers with beautiful colors, making them quite exciting to try and catch! Tarpon is yet another game fish found in this area, which many anglers consider a real challenge due to its size and power once hooked up on the line. You’ll need lots of patience when trying for tarpon since they don’t always bite right away – but the reward of landing such an incredible creature makes all that effort worth it! With luck, skill, and perseverance – you just might get lucky enough to land yourself a trophy tarpon from the depths off St. Augustine!

Fishing Regulations And Licenses

Fishing in St. Augustine is a time-honored tradition that has been enjoyed by locals and visitors alike for generations. It can be a great way to relax, have fun with friends and family, or even make some money! However, before you get out on the water it’s important to understand the fishing regulations of Florida and what licenses you need. If you plan on fishing in saltwater areas like those around St. Augustine, then you’ll need both a saltwater and freshwater license from the state of Florida. You must also be aware of any size limits that may apply to certain fish species as well as bag limits which indicate how many fish one person can keep per day. To find out more about these rules visit the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission website where they are listed in detail. In addition to local laws, there are also federal regulations governing fisheries such as nets and other gear used when fishing in certain areas or times of year. Make sure you know all applicable regulations before going out on your next trip so that you don’t risk getting fined or having your catch confiscated. It’s not just about obeying the law though; understanding proper fishing etiquette can help ensure everyone enjoys their time on the water! Be respectful of others’ space when fishing near them, return undersized fish if possible, practice catch and release if needed, clean up after yourself – these simple steps go a long way towards making sure our waterways stay healthy for future generations to enjoy too!

Equipment Necessary For Fishing

Fishing in St. Augustine, Florida is a great way to spend the day. It’s peaceful and calming being out on the water with all of nature around you. To get started, there are certain pieces of equipment needed for fishing in this area. A good rod and reel should be one of your first purchases. You can find them at most local sporting goods stores or online retailers like Amazon. They come in different sizes and styles, so make sure you get one that fits your needs best. A tackle box full of lures, hooks and other necessary materials will also come in handy when you’re trying to catch those big fish! You’ll need some clothing suitable for fishing too – long pants, a hat, light jacket or raincoat depending on the weather conditions are all important items to bring along with you. Make sure everything is comfortable since you’ll likely be spending a few hours outside enjoying the activity. Also don’t forget sun protection such as sunscreen or sunglasses! Finally, it’s wise to have some type of navigational device while out on the water such as a GPS or marine chartplotter if available. This will help guide you through unfamiliar waters and keep track of where you’ve been so far during your trip. With these tools and supplies ready to go, you’ll be well-prepared for an enjoyable day fishing in St Augustine!

Preparation Tips For A Successful Trip

Now that you have gathered the necessary equipment, it’s time to start planning for a successful fishing trip in St. Augustine. Preparation is key to having an enjoyable and rewarding experience while out on the water. Here are some tips to help make your next outing a success. First, check the local regulations regarding catch limits and size requirements before heading out. Knowing these rules will help ensure that your efforts won’t be wasted due to improper handling of any fish caught during your adventure. It’s also important to be aware of any special permits or licenses required for certain types of fishing activities like spearfishing or crabbing. Next, research the area where you’ll be going fishing so that you can plan accordingly. Look up information about tide patterns, wind direction, bait availability, and other relevant factors that could affect how productive your day of fishing may be. Don’t forget to pack plenty of supplies such as food and drinks for when you’re out on the water all day! Finally, don’t neglect safety considerations such as wearing sunscreen and protective clothing; bring along life vests if needed; and always use caution when operating boats or wading into deeper waters. By following these simple preparation tips ahead of time, anglers in St. Augustine can enjoy their outings with confidence knowing they did everything possible to maximize their chances at catching a memorable haul of fish!

Where To Find The Best Fishing Charters

Fishing in St. Augustine is an experience like no other! With its incredible fishing charters, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a day out on the water with your friends or family. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to charter boats and guides. Here we’ll discuss some of the best places to find top-notch fishing charters in St. Augustine, Florida. If you want to book an amazing experience that won’t break the bank, head over to Aloha Fishing charters. They offer half-day and full-day trips for up to four passengers so everyone can join in the fun. Their boats are equipped with all the necessary gear and they provide bait too – just bring yourself and be ready for some serious excitement! Plus, their knowledgeable captains will take you directly to where the fish are biting so you don’t have to worry about missing any bites. Our Charters specialize in inshore light tackle fishing. This is great for first time fishermen because it offers calm waters and beautiful scenery along with tons of action! The captain provides everything needed including lures, rods, reels which makes this trip suitable even for small children who aren’t yet familiar with how to catch fish properly.  With plenty of options available from budget friendly trips all the way up to luxury experiences – there’s truly something for everyone when it comes to finding the best fishing charters in St. Augustine Florida! So grab your rod & reel and explore these world class opportunities today; whatever type of adventure you seek, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed! We have private & shared charters available. Aloha Fishing Charters is family & kid friendly, and we specialize in making those with special needs feel comfortable and safe. We honor our servicemen & servicewoman, so ask about our military discounts when you call.

Activities And Attractions Near St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Florida is a great place for fishing and other activities. It’s located near the Atlantic Ocean which has plenty of fish to catch. The St. Johns River also offers many opportunities for anglers who want to catch bass and catfish. Plus there are several smaller lakes in the area that are perfect for those looking for calm waters with lots of fish. If you’re not into fishing, there are still lots of things to do in St. Augustine. There are miles of beaches along the coast where you can relax and enjoy the sun or even take a stroll on the sand. You can explore some of the city’s historic sites like Castillo de San Marcos National Monument or take a scenic boat tour around Matanzas Bay. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try parasailing? In addition to outdoor recreation, St. Augustine also has plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy too! From art galleries and museums to shopping centers and restaurants, this city has something for everyone! There’s even an annual music festival held downtown each year that brings together local bands from all over Florida as well as national acts from across the country. Whether you’re looking to have fun outdoors or find some entertainment indoors, St. Augustine definitely won’t disappoint! With its diverse selection of activities and attractions, it’s no wonder why so many people come here every year – it truly has something for everyone!


Concluding fishing in St. Augustine, Florida is an experience you’ll never forget! With a variety of inshore and offshore hot spots to choose from, there’s something for everyone. You can find many species of fish that are sure to provide some great catches. Before heading out on the water it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary equipment and licenses required by law. Taking some time to research the area and your potential catch will help ensure a successful trip. There are also plenty of charter services available if you need extra guidance or assistance. Finally, don’t forget about all the attractions nearby – perfect for when you want to take a break from fishing!